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All About Banners & Flags

Banners provide a versatile and effective way to promote any business or event, capture attention, and convey messages to a wide audience. Whether you’re using a backlit banner for your main signage, or using a simpler option to advertise sales, events, or new products, or simply aiming to create excitement and anticipation, banners serve as powerful marketing and promotional tools.

Our Banners cater to a wide range of needs and specifications. Combined with tensioning systems or fabricated lightboxes, they make an excellent option to use for your main business signage.

For promoting a special offer, marking an event, or creating a massive display for a construction site, banners are the obvious choice. Well-designed and correctly installed banners offer a highly effective way to capture the attention of passing traffic, conveying our message economically and efficiently.

Flags are equally eye-catching and make an excellent marketing tool. Flags are popular among businesses like motor dealers, garden centres, and roadside diners, but it’s at trade shows and large outdoor or indoor events where they are the truly ideal and versatile promotional solution.

Their height makes them visible from long distances over crowded areas helping you to attract your target audience. They come in all shapes and sizes, and our graphic designers will create vibrant and effective designs that will make your message or brand shine.

Flags are top-heavy and catch wind. When flags are a permanent fixture at locations such as public buildings, they are fitted to concrete bases. Otherwise, they come with a selection of bases like water tanks that are filled to make a heavy base, or flat metal plates for under the wheel of a car. Our full range of flags can be seen in our online catalogue.

Online Catalogue

Our online catalogue has all the information you need about Flags and while the majority of our Banners are custom-made, including our own unique tensioning systems and braces, there’s  a great selection of standard fittings and banner ideas to check out,  all for lots of different applications including business,  events and trade shows.

Custom Banner Solutions

Standard Banners 
are a multi-purpose favourite with heat sealed hemmed edges for strength and eyelets for ease of installation using screws, rope or bungee cords. Suitable for a multitude of applications, they can be any size. Like all of our banner offerings, they are fully printable, so you can have anything from a simple worded message or brand to full colour imagery.

Projecting Double Sided Banners

serve as a valuable addition to the regular signage of many businesses. These banners can be wall or pole mounted, with many clients taking advantage of existing lamp posts on their premises, or they can come as a full unit with the pole included for a new installation.

Whether they are pole mounted or installed above the first-floor shopfront as they often are, they provide a prominent presence visible from a distance and both directions. Our projecting banners boast double layers and double hems for added strength. Custom-made mounting braces, complete with tensioning bars, are constructed from mild or stainless steel and can be powder coated in your preferred colour.

Changing these banners for seasonal promotions is a breeze, enabling you to rotate your message throughout the year, be it for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, or any occasion in between.

Backlit Banner Lightboxes

provide an alternative choice to normal shopfront signage. This option consists of a shallow, fabricated box fitted with LED lighting.

A translucent banner is then fitted to all four edges of the box along a channel with a special beading that ensured there are no ripples and that the banner is as tight as a drum. With the lighting on, the entire banner illuminates giving you a fully face illuminated signage solution for your business.

In addition to printing, we also specialise in building lightboxes and tensioning systems in-house, providing you with the whole package for your banner needs. From design to installation, we have the expertise and capabilities to ensure your banners make a lasting impression. We have a team of experienced installers who will make sure that your banners are installed correctly and look their best.

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Pull-Up or Roll-Up Banners, always a firm favourite

Pull Up Banners For Advertising

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