We Build Mobile Websites

Due to customer demand, we are now designing and hosting websites. We’ll be posting more information on all aspects of designing your main website very soon, but for now, maybe you’ve overlooked something very important… a mobile version of your website.

Four mobile websites

A Mobile Website Is A Must Have

As a business owner, you must be aware that more and more people are using their cell phones and mobile devices to surf the Internet and visit web pages. Therefore, you need a mobile website if you want to grow and expand your business. A mobile website is one of the most important tools you can have to market your business today.

You may wonder, that if you have a regular website, do you really need a website designed specifically for mobile phones? The answer is yes. Mobile phones do not display regular websites well. Websites that are designed for desktop computers typically use too much memory and are too large to display on a phone’s small screen. Mobile devices shrink the size of text, leaving it is impossible to read. Therefore, a mobile website is an absolute necessity if you want to grow your business.

Mobile website before and after

Mobile Buttons: Click to Call, Click to Email, Click for Directions etc…

Having a mobile website means that you can be called immediately from the same device simply by hitting the “click to call” button!

The main advantage of mobile websites is that they are so accessible. People no longer have to be at their desk to source your product or service. They could be on the commute to work, or maybe working on- site, but the real beauty of it, is not only can your business be found from anywhere, but you can be called immediately from the same device simply by hitting the “click to call” button!

Spectrum Signs mobile website

In a smartphone world, you have to be sure that your website can be viewed from mobile devices, otherwise you might end up losing a lot of potential customers. For that reason, you need a regular website as well as a mobile website that is accessible from any mobile device.

A mobile website has all the features of a regular website. Home page, about us page, contact us page and product gallery pages are all still available, except tailored for viewing on mobile devices.

Why have we decided to provide this service?

The answer is simple. Very often we meet our customer for the first time at the start up stage of their business. We then design all  branding for their shopfront, signage, vehicles, promotional items, uniforms, and everything else in between. Likewise, with our existing customers, we already have all of their artwork at hand.

The only item that was missing from the full package was website design. It will be both very convenient and cost effective for our customers because a lot of the work is already done, having designed all of their branding already. Therefore, it eliminates the inconvenience and expense of dealing with another party from scratch.

What do I do now?

Contact Brendan on 085 768 0185
or e mail him on websites@spectrumsigns.ie and let us take it from there!

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