Wall Art and Window Graphics at Athlone Regional Sports Centre 

Are you seeking vibrant wall art and window graphics to uplift your space? Check out this awesome project completed at Athlone Regional Sports Centre by Spectrum Signs, featuring striking full-colour wall and window graphics. 

Our dedicated team worked diligently to realise the vision, processing various materials including vinyls and window frosting. Despite ongoing refurbishment and development, we ensured timely installation of these impactful graphics throughout the centre. 

These wall graphics aren’t just easy on the eyes – they are also designed to motivate and stimulate. With a matt finish to minimise glare and reflection, they are fully washable and contain  motivational slogans to encourage everyone to push their limits. 

Step into the reception and soak up the lively vibes, or head upstairs for your workout and get inspired by the awesome images lining the walls. 

Athlone Regional Sports Centre is the go-to spot for fitness in the Midlands. Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or just need a boost, a visit here is sure to get you motivated.  

Big shoutout to Liam and Ger for giving us the chance to spice things up. It was a blast, and here’s to many more fitness wins! It was a pleasure to work on this project, and we wish the centre continued success and fitness achievements. 

Ready to add some flair to your space with vibrant wall art and window graphics? Contact Spectrum Signs today to discuss your project requirements and bring your vision to life. 

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