Transform Everyday Items with Digitally Printed Vinyl Wraps 

Unlock the potential of everyday objects with stunning digitally printed vinyl wraps! At Spectrum Signs, we specialise in designing and applying vibrant full-colour wraps to a diverse range of surfaces, including fridges, doors, furniture, and retail fixtures like displays and counters. 

With our eye-catching printed designs or images, or from our extensive selection of special vinyl effects like metallic and carbon fibre, you can completely revitalise your items without breaking the bank on replacements. 

Looking to breathe new life into your walls? Our range of wallpapers and wall coverings is ready to be customised to your specifications. Whether it’s for a restaurant, pub, hotel, creche, or home, our wallpapers / Vinyl wall graphics are available in a variety of textures to suit any space. Simply paste or apply them yourself, or let our expert team handle the installation for you. 

Ready to transform your space? Contact us today for more information! 

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