Timber Shopfront Idea

Shopfront Ideas Where Woodwork Would Work! 

At Spectrum Signs in Athlone, we specialise in crafting a wide range of shopfront ideas using timber and wood. From carved wooden signs to traditional wooden fascias, we have the skills, expertise, and equipment to bring your vision to life. 
Maintenance-Free Options 

While wooden signs exude charm, they do require occasional maintenance. However, if you prefer the appearance of wood without the upkeep, we offer maintenance-free options. Our composite and aluminium materials can be wrapped in vinyl timber prints of your choice, providing the look of wood without the hassle. From distressed weathered finishes to fine woodgrain textures, the possibilities are endless. 

Transform Any Existing Wooden Shopfront 

If you have an existing timber shopfront in need of a facelift, we can help transform it into a fresh new look. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, raised lettering, or incorporating timber elements, we’ll work with you to create a design that suits your needs and budget. With a carefully chosen colour scheme and bespoke signage, your shopfront will attract fresh interest and leave a lasting impression. 

Carved Wooden Sign at Wineport Lodge 

Take, for example, the beautiful sign we crafted for Wineport Lodge in Athlone. Carved from maple wood to match the building’s lakeside setting, this sign features intricate detailing and gold infilling for a luxurious finish. Mounted on a steel frame and post, the sign serves as a striking entrance marker both day and night, reflecting the lodge’s elegance and charm. 

Carved Wooden Shopfront Sign at Pizzeria il Basilico 

For Pizzeria il Basilico, we created a rustic, country-style shopfront sign using red deal timber. The prismatic lettering adds depth and dimension, while reflecting the cozy ambiance of the traditional Italian pizzeria. By incorporating elements of the shop’s interior decor into the sign design, we ensure a seamless transition from exterior to interior branding. 

Traditional Wooden Sign Fascia 

In another example, we crafted an attractive sign panel from salvaged timber, finished to a high gloss for Barber Bob’s traditional look. With raised lettering, this sign complements the barber shop’s vintage aesthetic, enhancing its curb appeal. 

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