Stainless Steel Totem Sign Crafted and Installed in Kilkenny 

Discover the striking Stainless Steel Totem Sign now gracing the entrance of MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre in Kilkenny, brought to life by Spectrum Signs. 

Crafted to be an unmissable three-sided marvel, this Totem Sign or monolith sign as its often called, stands tall, ensuring visibility from every angle. Reflecting the contemporary essence of MacDonagh Junction, a bustling hub with renowned anchor tenants, our brief was clear: design a beacon of modernity, durable enough to withstand the rigours of time and potential tampering. 

Our approach? We began with a robust internal steel framework, securely anchored in a fresh concrete foundation. Over this foundation, we meticulously installed premium stainless steel signage panels, complemented by corner sections and a sleek capping piece, all finished in the corporate colour palette. The pièce de résistance? High-output LED lighting adorning the capping section, casting a radiant glow upon the entire structure in crisp white brilliance. 

Thrilled with the outcome, our client eagerly anticipates the landscaping revival around this magnificent structure, further enhancing its visual impact. 

For standout signage solutions that captivate, choose Spectrum Signs – your partner in elevating visibility and style. 

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