Sams Seafood with Shopfronts by Spectrum Signs

Exciting news for anyone who likes to eat well and eat healthy! Sam Hatfield has opened his new bright, fresh and airy Fishmongers in Gleeson Street. It’s directly across the road from the Eason exit of Athlone Towncentre Shopping Centre.

Shopfront that reflects a bright, fresh and airy premises

Sam’s background has always been as a fishmonger, and he’s worked his trade all round the world, but his dream has always been to have his own shop in his home town. You’ll get anything you fancy there… from the old reliables like cod and haddock, to scallops and mussels. Sam is a true pro.. and is always at hand to offer new exciting recipies and cooking hints. A visit to Sams is a great experience.


Sam called to us at Spectrum Signs for his shopfront raised letters, window graphics, banners, and his internal displays and menu boards. We’re pleased with the result, as is Sam. Now every day can be Friday! Check Sams Seafood out today!