If you are setting up a new business, revamping an existing one or you need signs for any other event or exhibition, choosing a dedicated sign maker will be your first correct decision.

With advancements in technology, companies that have previously specialised in general printing are now offering signage as part of their range of products. Print companies like these are very well placed for printing your stationery, flyers, business cards or booklets, but they do not specialise in signs

By choosing an actual sign maker, you are choosing to use the services of a company that is dedicated to signs, and signs only. Dedicated sign companies employ personnel that have trained in sign design, and employ fitters that are trained and qualified in the safe installation of signs… considerations that you simply cannot afford to ignore! A lot of print companies simply sub-contract your job to an actual sign company, but throughout the process this means that they do not have full control or input in many aspects of your job, and you simply end up paying a mark up to a print company that has outsourced your work.

.After all… if you need a plumber, electrician, builder or carpenter, will you choose an expert so that you have  peace of mind that their work is completed with the correct materials, that it was well planned and executed, and that it is safe? Anyone can buy a saw, but it does not make them a carpenter!

At Spectrum Signs, we have been investing in the sign trade since our start up in 1998. we have a team of graphic designers that have been in the business as long. They are experts in designing signs… they know what works, using elements, themes and colour that will get the best results. They study their art and keep up to date with trends. Designing signs also involves way more that what the sign looks like. Shopfront signs and architectural signs involve way more knowledge. Using the correct materials and structural works is a discipline in itself in which experience counts. It requires in in-depth knowledge of engineering and materials that you will only get with a dedicated sign making company. Our installers are all highly experienced and hold all of the proper accreditation and licences that they are required to hold while working on any site.

Spectrum Signs continues to invest heavily in equipment and we have the very best in wide format printing, CNC and laser cutting technology. These machines, combined with our well equipped engineering workshop, are specifically built and customised for the manufacture of signs. We use only the best software specifically for sign design, We have personnel dedicated to structural  development, using frameworks and installation techniques unique to Spectrum Signs.

Need a Sign? Choose Spectrum Signs!