More Fabulous Wall Art

Can your next marketing campaign be big and impressive, colourful and inviting, informative and appetising? The answer is YES!

With our professionally designed internal and external WALL GRAPHICS, you can go as big as an entire wall or even cover the end of an entire building! When it comes to comes to wall covering graphics, our expertise meets all the requirements. It begins with effective, well executed designs, right through to selecting the right materials, and our experienced fitters know all the tricks in the book to overcome any challenges that an indoor or outdoor application can throw at them.

exterior wall graphic

Extra street frontage created with printed FALSE WINDOWS!

Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, retail environment, gym or any public building, the internal or external walls offer brands a compelling way to stand out. With the range of materials available, digitally printed wall graphics are priced to fit your budget. Wall graphics allow you to effectively capture the attention of your customers in an attractive and pleasing way. If your graphics are external, they will draw more customers in. Pleasant internal graphics will encourage them to stay, spend and come again.


You can almost hear the birds sing!

All business types can benefit greatly. A fast / casual restaurant business could benefit by using the walls to tell the story of their offerings as graphic art by designing wall graphic murals with scrumptious food imagery worked in, while leaving areas to display the menu. There are even digital wall coverings that allow the use of dry wipe markers. How’s that for versatility? We have designed wall art for several gyms displaying motivational images and slogans. We have adorned walls of restaurants, colleges and hotel lobbies with everything from colourful graphic designs to historic pictures of their hometowns. We have decorated boutiques with glossy images like those used in magazine advertising. The list of possibilities is endless! Digital graphic printing allows for easy customisation, making each wall covering graphic unique, while still unifying your brand message and colour schemes throughout the business.


Strictly for cat lovers

Hospitality venues, larger businesses, office buildings, colleges and hotels all have lobby areas, conference rooms and hallways. The wall space of all these areas have tremendous potential to impress, advertise and make for a more pleasant environment for both customers and staff alike.


Relaxation or motivation?

Wall coverings can be self adhesive vinyl applied or may come in the form of traditional wallpaper which requires paste for applying. A new wallpaper on the market  pre-pasted and just requires wetting for application. All come in a variety of textures.


Don’t fall in!


Vintage and aerial townscapes are always a popular choice

Have a look at YOUR premises. We can add a feature wall, create advertising, add ambience and bring life to areas that you never thought possible!