Monksland Town Team, Athlone, commission new Heritage Signs

Spectrum Signs recently worked with Monksland Town Team, Athlone to design and print a set of Heritage Signs that are now for all to see, telling the very colourful history of neighbouring areas, Monksland, Bealnamullia and Drum.

I’m always pleased to be asked to collaborate on  local heritage projects like this, not only because creating and designing the artwork and branding is a nice challenge, but also there’s an appreciation for all the new information you learn about your local area. These information signs tell the story of a diverse and interesting past, most of which I was unaware. From Daniel O’Connell’s  monster meeting held at Summerhill to our medieval ancestors ‘keening’ their dead on pilgrim roads, to ancient dolmens and the way our less distant relatives lived, working off the land and visiting the mills. Most interestingly we learn about the origin of the ‘Monksland’ name, and how land was freed up to build Athlone Castle!

I’d like to acknowledge and thank Monksland Town Team for choosing Spectrum Signs to work with them on this project. It was a pleasure from start to finish and I enjoyed the infectious enthusiasm of Fred Carney, with whom I spent many pleasurable hours working alongside!

The specification of each sign reflects the amount of effort that went into producing them from initial design to printing, assembly and installing, and each is laminaned with an anti graffiti film to make ant unwanted attention wipe away easily.

Below is the original artwork for each sign and some pictures taken at the official unveilling.