LED Signs

Spectrum Signs is now providing a range of LED Signs

Advantages of LED Signage

* As people, we are drawn to bright lights and motion

* Very highly visible, particularly at night

* Very versatile. Messages can be updated easily, and as often

    as you like

* Easy to set up and change messages via wi-fi

* Longer messages can be displayed with scrolling function

* Weatherproof and very economical to run


LED signs provide a huge boost for any business model. Here are some typical uses
* Motor dealerships & Service Stations, to display finance offers, fuel prices, or deli offers
* Hotels, advertise room rates, special offers, menu details etc
* Public buildings such as train or bus stations
* Car parks, to advertise rates, number of spaces available etc.
The list goes on! Pharmacies, restaurants, gyms, nightclubs, garden centres or home & lifestyle
stores can all hugely benefit from shouting out loud with an LED sign!


Our LED signs can be integrated into any freestanding sign, shopfront or advertising sign as part of the structure itself

Prices start at only €490 ex VAT for the smallest size (320 x 960mm), and we make them
right up to an enormous 1280 x 4160mm!