How does your Shopfront look?

In the retail business, your shopfront is your first contact with your customer. They will assess your business at a glance and that  makes the difference on whether they pass by or call in. This short article is worth reading because it offers tips on maximising the potential of your existing shopfront and also explains what Spectrum Signs can offer if it needs improvement or replacing.

Dibond Shopfronts

Back to Basics: In your mind, your shopfront may look fine….it’ll do. But there are a few basics to consider that will make all the difference. Cleanliness is a big one. Shops that are located on main streets are battered by the elements, splashed by passing traffic and even the sun causes bleaching and chipping of paintwork and window displays. You might not even notice, but stand back and have a look to see if your shopfront is looking tired or shabby. Does it need washing down? Are the windows clean? Or maybe it’s time to call the painter. It’s so important to realise that people will assume that the outside is a reflection of the inside.


A Peek in the Window: When people get used to seeing something, it gets to a point when they don’t notice it any more. That’s why it’s important to change your window displays. By changing things around  like this, you’ll engage your customer’s interest again. They’ll ask questions, look for new items and be attracted to the change. Be creative and do this fairly frequently. Creating a theme for sales campaigns is a great idea. This can be easily done by using printed backdrops behind your products to give added dimension to make your items stand out.

Exciting window graphics can pique the interest of passing traffic. Customers will be drawn in by the visual displays that catch their attention and they will leave a lasting impression in their minds. Temporary displays such as posters and banners are a cheap and effective means of marketing. This allows you the flexibility to advertise sales, promote seasonal items or announce new products. With our wide format printing and extensive design capabilities, we can provide bold messages that attract attention and influence consumer response.

Shopfront Signtastic!: A strong business brand design is a very powerful marketing tool for advertising and promoting your business. Good branding should reflect your business and products and directly appeal to your target market. Your branding can be targeted to a specific audience such as a particular age group, male or female, or it can be traditional or contemporary, depending on the core clientelle you are trying to attract.  It can be in the form of a logo or carefully chosen fonts with good colour choices. There should be continuity wherever your brand appears… on your packaging, vehicles, promotional workwear and of course, your shopfront.


At Spectrum Signs, our graphics team can design your branding and then turn it into stunning reality on your shopfront. We design, build and install all types of shopfronts and shopfront signage using the latest engineering grade composite materials, right from a simple printed flat panel design to a complex internally illuminated fabricated shopfront sign with pillars. There is a solution to fit every budget, big or small. We can upgrade your existing signage and carry out remedial and sign maintenance works. We manufacture everything in-house at our Athlone facility in County Westmeath, and install nationwide.

Please take a few moments to browse our galleries. I hope you found this article useful and if you think that we can help to boost your business we’d be delighted to hear from you!