Full truck vinyl wrap… before and after

Vinyl wrapping is fast becoming an alternative to painting on every sort of vehicle, whether it’s a full colour printed advertising wrap, or a colour change wrap to enhance the looks of a car or van.

In this example, we look at a truck that was fully wrapped for our customer, Grennan Agri, where they wanted to explore vinyl wrapping as an alternative to painting to save both time and money. The pictures below show what the truck looked like when it arrived to us. The cab was in it’s original factory green, and the body in bare aluminium


Before wrapping. The truck as it looked on arrival

Grennans run a large fleet of both articulated and rigid trucks. They take pride in their fleet, and all trucks to date have been sprayed to their trademark blue, with their branding added afterwards in cut and printed vinyls. This time they chose to have the entire truck vinyl wrapped, a cheaper and faster process with the convenience of having both the colour change and the advertising graphics applied under the one roof.

The job began as usual with the artwork being generated and approved by the client, and then we set about preparing the truck for its new vinyl covering with a thorough top to bottom power washing, and then a wipe down with solvent especially formulated to remove any tar or traffic residue. We began with the cab… the tricky bit with all it’s curves and contours. The change was dramatic as the bodywork changed from green to blue, panel by panel as it received it’s new covering of 3m cast gloss vinyl

work in progress

Work in progress!

The body section was then wrapped in the blue vinyl, with Grennans branding added on top in cut vinyls. The ‘cows’ image was integrated into the wrapping process, and covered in a gloss laminate to protect it from sun bleaching and scuffing. Another advantage of vinyl wrapping is that it can be removed when the time comes to sell the vehicle if the customer prefers not to do so with their company colour still in place. There is a wide range of colours and speciality vinyls to choose from,  both in matt and gloss finishes. See how the finished truck turned out below!