Professional Christmas Promotion Solutions

The Christmas period is the busiest time of the year for retailers and the hospitality sector including pubs, hotels and restaurants. In the competitive on-line world we live in, It’s vital that businesses put their best foot forward and look the part to attract as many customers as possible. At Spectrum Signs, we can help you to do this both professionally and economically by tailoring some of the following popular products including Window Graphics, Signs, Banners, Backdrops, Posters & Props specifically to enhance your business and make it warm and inviting.

Christmas Window Graphics can be designed to fit your window dimensions and reflect your business image. We can provide traditional designs or more contemporary, slick designs that will totally lift the face of your shop, restaurant or pub. Simple text graphics are ideal for promoting sales and events and the message can be direct and very effective. Window cling material is also a great solution that can be re-used next year

Window Backdrops are a very effective means of enhancing items displayed in windows whether that is in the form of products or mannequins. Design is critical here because the objective is to add to the appeal of the items and to ensure that the focus remains on them rather than distract from them. Our graphic designers are highly experienced and will ensure best results every time. Full colour window backdrops also have the advantage of being reusable and interchangeable from season to season.

Window Display Props could take almost any form thanks to our CNC cutting capabilities. A variety of rigid materials can be cut, assembled and printed to any shape and used to add flair to any window display, such as snowflake or Christmas tree shapes for the seasonal period.

Banners & Posters are common items but their effectiveness is not to be underestimated. Well executed designs speak volumes and will always attract attention. Banners can be made all shapes and sizes for any purpose and for long or short term use. Pop-up or roll-up banners are ideal for in-store promotions or for advertising offers and events in any public area.

Christmas preparation in the retail sector typically begins shortly after Halloween, but the majority of shoppers (and particularly the men of course!) continue shopping right up until Christmas Eve, so it is never too late to consider some of these great sales tools, and remember, the January Sales are also a major event on the retail calender.

There are effective solutions that will work for ANY BUDGET. Call us any time to discuss your needs, even if you are unsure of what direction to go with your promotions. You give us the brief, we give you the solution!

All the Best and chat again soon from the Spectrum Signs Team