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It really has been a whirlwind year for winning awards… first was our win at the Irish Print Awards in the Commercial Vehicle Wraps category, then we were crowned All Ireland Champions at the All Ireland Vehicle Wrap Championships, then we took home the Bronze on the world stage in Munich at the FESPA World Wrap Masters Final. Well done to our own Rob Davidson, that was a fantastic achievement because his competitors, like Rob,  were truly world class at their craft, having completed thousands of vehicle wraps between them.

The FESPA event was also host to the European Sign Trade Expo, which was a massive affair, with all of the latest technology, components and ideas on display. Even though we were there for four days, it was barely enough time to take it all in! So watch out for some great new innovations coming soon at Spectrum Signs!

Here are some shots showing the winners cracking the Champers, and also some fantastic vehicle wraps at the show, including a camouflaged Porsche and a leather Mini!





great ideas for manufacturing and industry


Boost your 2014 Sales with Window Advertising

The ideal and cost effective way to advertise your deals and offers with MAXIMUM IMPACT!

Perfect for Motor Dealerships, Hardware and Home Stores… in fact, any business with a window!


window signs

Vinyl window graphics on large windows


Large, Showroom WINDOW GRAPHICS ensure that details of your models and deals are highly visible to all passing traffic

They are cheap, easy to read, and are designed specifically for your requirements!

MOTOR DEALERS! Get more 141 Sales with simple Car and Van Decals!

vehicle signs

Vinyl car and van designs


Car or Van PROMOTIONAL GRAPHICS are always guaranteed to bring in business. A vehicle with well designed message

strategically parked at the front of your forecourt or around town always attracts attention!

We also design and supply a huge range of fantastic Banners, Pop-up Banners, Flags, Bunting, Posters, car roof signs and all kinds of exhibition and display products

car roof sale signs, roll up banners, banners, forecourt flags and bunting

flags and bunting, car sales sign, banners


Our Athlone base means we are ideally located to serve the midlands area, including Roscommon, Tullamore, Birr, Mullingar, Ballinasloe, but we will deliver or install anywhere in the country

Mad Baskets full van wrap

Van graphics

Mad Baskets is a small independent business selling plant containers and window boxes to businesses and households. A friend advised me to call to Spectrum Signs. Because my products are bright and cheerful, I asked them to reflect this in my van graphics, and boy was I wowed! My van is so eye catching that people take pictures of it! Whenever I am working in a neighbourhood, I can always be sure that it is a conversation starter in neighbouring households. This frequently leads to more sales and referrals. My van is a moving billboard, way better than newspaper advertising!
Mark. Mad Baskets. 087 9980011

Outdoor Discovery half wrap

van signs

With thousands of people participating in our Mobile Adventure Events it makes business sense to wrap!

Spectrum signs never fails to impress me when I have a print job to be done. We got our first van  wrapped in 2003 and I have been a customer ever since as the workmanship and professionalism  is second to none. The 4 vehicles that we have wrapped have never faded or needed any attention and continue to bring in sales leads and enquiries on a daily basis. Running adventure activities at events for thousands of people means that we are on the road a lot and we need to be professional. Turning up in branded vehicles
and parking them in view of all our potential customers gives is a great branding advantage. We continually have people taking photos of them so that they have our contact details. We even get phone calls from people driving behind us! When we get a new vehicle the first thing we do is pick up the phone to Paul and get a design drawn up for a vehicle graphics wrap

Alex Stanley, Outdoor Discovery Adventure
Company www.outdoordiscovery.ie 090 6400111

Murphy's Law partial wrap

van signs

At Murphy’s Law gastro pub, we offer a great all-day hot food menu. I decided to use vehicle graphics on our van to advertise the food aspect of my business. I discussed options with Paul in Spectrum Signs, and he advised me on what way it should be done to give the best results. The completed graphics were way above my expectation, and it began to pay off from day one. Our food business continues to grow, and many of our customers still mention that they were unaware that we served food until they saw it advertised on our van. A great return for a small investment!
P.J. Kelly, Murphy’s Law, Barrack Street,
Athlone 083 4477112

Beautiful Christmas window graphics will attract more customers!

We design, print and apply fabulous inviting Christmas window graphics that will create a warm and friendly buzz around your business, and give it a real feelgood factor.

And they’re cheap! There’s something for everyone, from dramatic full colour graphics, to simpler 1 or 2 colour borders, Call us for a quote today!

090 6492107 (early ordering advisable)

We can install in the broad midlands area, including Athlone, Tullamore, Roscommon, Ballinasloe, Mullingar, Birr, and anywhere else in between





Spectrum Signs is now providing a range of LED Signs

Advantages of LED Signage

* As people, we are drawn to bright lights and motion

* Very highly visible, particularly at night

* Very versatile. Messages can be updated easily, and as often

    as you like

* Easy to set up and change messages via wi-fi

* Longer messages can be displayed with scrolling function

* Weatherproof and very economical to run


LED signs provide a huge boost for any business model. Here are some typical uses
* Motor dealerships & Service Stations, to display finance offers, fuel prices, or deli offers
* Hotels, advertise room rates, special offers, menu details etc
* Public buildings such as train or bus stations
* Car parks, to advertise rates, number of spaces available etc.
The list goes on! Pharmacies, restaurants, gyms, nightclubs, garden centres or home & lifestyle
stores can all hugely benefit from shouting out loud with an LED sign!


Our LED signs can be integrated into any freestanding sign, shopfront or advertising sign as part of the structure itself

Prices start at only €490 ex VAT for the smallest size (320 x 960mm), and we make them
right up to an enormous 1280 x 4160mm!

Get maximum potential from your shopfront with these 4 great products… Window Graphics, Backdrops, Posters and Banners

Hi there friends and customers…

Now that Autumn is here, many of you will be thinking of promoting new season product ranges and services, not to mention the fact that Christmas isn’t too far away either! In this newsletter, We’d like to make you aware of 4 great cheap products that we can offer you that will really make sure your store front is working to it’s full impact

sale window graphics

Window graphics are lettering or prints that are applied directly to your windows. Window graphics are great for adding bold “sale” statements for short or long term use, but the real value of window graphics is in creating eye catching borders in vivid colour, or classy etch or frosted effects

Etch, or frosting, (below) is a window film which can be cut to design and applied to glass, giving the appearance of tratitional sand blasted glass. It works great for both traditional and contemporary designs

etch windows


Full colour window graphics

Banners are an extremely cost effective way of promoting any special offer or event. Banners can be made in many different ways depending on the purpose they are being used for,  such as whether they’ll be indoor or outdoor, hemmed for strength, or double sided. Because banner material is so durable, they can be used over and over, and as you rotate your sales and promotions, you’ll find you are building up quite a collection for a one off cost!

At Spectrum Signs, we offer a full banner service, made to any size you could possibly need, huge or small, from design to installation, if needed. We also offer a very fast turn around on cheap and cheerful party banners, for birthday parties and anniversaries. These normally show some old and new images of the party boy or girl, and we will post anywhere in the country

banners and t shirts

Banner “sale” backdrops behind mannequins in a store window. and yes… we can print the t-shirts too!



Internal and external banners at work


Projecting banners…. easy to change

Posters are cheap and effective. A bold and clear message in a poster campaign can work wonders in raising awareness of a special offer or sale. They can be used in your store windows targeted directly at passers by, enticing them to come in and browse. They can also be put to very good use around the store, to emphasise the value that’s on offer, or to direct people to a certain area

We design and print posters from A0 to A4in any quantity, but also in any other size you may need to use in a particular area, however large. We also stock all types of snap frame, acrylic holder or display case to display your poster. See them all in our online display catalogue at https://spectrumsigns.ie/brochure/


Sample poster artwork

snap frames

Snap Frames. A full selection of poster displays can be see on our Online exhibition and display catalogue

October 13

Due to customer demand, we are now designing and hosting websites. We’ll be posting more information on all aspects of designing your main website very soon, but for now, maybe you’ve overlooked something very important… a mobile version of your website.

Four mobile websites

A Mobile Website Is A Must Have

As a business owner, you must be aware that more and more people are using their cell phones and mobile devices to surf the Internet and visit web pages. Therefore, you need a mobile website if you want to grow and expand your business. A mobile website is one of the most important tools you can have to market your business today.

You may wonder, that if you have a regular website, do you really need a website designed specifically for mobile phones? The answer is yes. Mobile phones do not display regular websites well. Websites that are designed for desktop computers typically use too much memory and are too large to display on a phone’s small screen. Mobile devices shrink the size of text, leaving it is impossible to read. Therefore, a mobile website is an absolute necessity if you want to grow your business.

Mobile website before and after

Mobile Buttons: Click to Call, Click to Email, Click for Directions etc…

Having a mobile website means that you can be called immediately from the same device simply by hitting the “click to call” button!

The main advantage of mobile websites is that they are so accessible. People no longer have to be at their desk to source your product or service. They could be on the commute to work, or maybe working on- site, but the real beauty of it, is not only can your business be found from anywhere, but you can be called immediately from the same device simply by hitting the “click to call” button!

Spectrum Signs mobile website

In a smartphone world, you have to be sure that your website can be viewed from mobile devices, otherwise you might end up losing a lot of potential customers. For that reason, you need a regular website as well as a mobile website that is accessible from any mobile device.

A mobile website has all the features of a regular website. Home page, about us page, contact us page and product gallery pages are all still available, except tailored for viewing on mobile devices.

Why have we decided to provide this service?

The answer is simple. Very often we meet our customer for the first time at the start up stage of their business. We then design all  branding for their shopfront, signage, vehicles, promotional items, uniforms, and everything else in between. Likewise, with our existing customers, we already have all of their artwork at hand.

The only item that was missing from the full package was website design. It will be both very convenient and cost effective for our customers because a lot of the work is already done, having designed all of their branding already. Therefore, it eliminates the inconvenience and expense of dealing with another party from scratch.

What do I do now?

Contact Brendan on 085 768 0185
or e mail him on websites@spectrumsigns.ie and let us take it from there!

Remember to keep up to date with all of our great signage and promotional products on https://spectrumsigns.ie/


Great shopfront makeover

Gleeson’s of Roscommon. Continued success to Eamon!

Gleesons of Roscommon new shop front

Gleesons Roscommon

First Impressions count, ask Feargal Quinn or the Brennan Brothers about shopfronts!

First impressions do count, and people do judge a book by it’s cover, and the same rules do apply to your business premises or shop. Who among us doesn’t feel drawn to a shop that has a cheerful, inviting exterior compared to one that’s dull, poorly designed or uninviting? The shop with the good exterior will always win… hands down.

If you’ve ever watched Feargal Quinn or the Brennan Brothers on their TV business makeover programmes, you’ll have  seen that they always look at the outside of the building first, and recommend upgrading poor signage
And those guys are NEVER wrong!

Stand back and have a good look at your premises and consider these questions….
Is the paint fresh and clean and have you used a nice colour scheme?
Now look at your signs….
Are they well designed, with good use of  co-ordinated colours?
Are they current and not outdated?
Are they in good condition?
And most importantly…. do they look inviting, and truly represent your business?

It’s also important to remember that well executed signage must both attract and inform. Is there enough information on your building to let your customer know what business you’re in, or what products or services you provide?

If your business signs look unprofessional, outdated or tired, people will assume that it’s the same story inside.  Even if your business is in an industrial area with a bland, metal building, a good custom  sign can give your business a makeover that takes your entrance from overlooked to remarkable. And if people have an initial positive feeling about your business based on your great signage, then those positive feelings will generally continue throughout their business dealings with you.

Professionally designed Signs with good use of colour improves your entire building’s appearance

Maybe your advertising budget doesn’t allow you to order a large custom built sign to be mounted to your building. That’s okay! You have other options that will attract customers and not scare away small children or potential business. Have you considered a nice banner that can be hung between two posts in front of your building? What about a simple moderately sized business sign that can be hung on the side of your entrance? Or perhaps a pavement sign?

There are many choices, as custom signage comes in a large variety of materials suited for all kinds of businesses and conditions under which they will be used. Call 090 64 92107 today to chat to one of our business sign professionals on what you want and what you can afford, and you will have a custom business sign that gives your business the attention it deserves www.spectrumsigns.ie

new printer