Free Standing Totem Signs

Dibond is the most durable and versatile material for the manufacture of shopfront signs, shopfittings, lightbox signs, totem signs and display applications

It is an Aluminium Composite material for the display and signage markets. The panel combines two 0.3 mm aluminium surface layers with a polyethylene core. It comes in a range of colours with a high quality finish in either gloss or satin and is ideal for the application of vinyl adevertising graphics

dib 1

Examples of Totem Signs in Dibond

Due to it’s versatility that allows routing and folding, this lightweight and rigid composite material is ideal for large signage applications, shopfront signs, full shopfront builds, large totem signs with illuminated lettering, architectural signs, industrial signs, POS / POP display and a multitude of exhibition and display applications. It comes in a variety of grades that are suitable for every application from flat usage right up to engineering grade used in complex folded and formed signs with illumination.

Key Benefits

  • Minimal maintenance with very long lifespan
  • Excellent processing parameters for bending, routing and folding
  • Excellent colour quality and finish in gloss and satin
  • Absolutely flat surface, no rippling
  • Perfect for the application of vinyl graphics, screen printing and direct-to-substrate digital printing
  • UV  protection, optimized for outdoor use
  • Low thermal expansion compared to alternative materials
  • Low weight combined with high stiffness and dimensional stability

See more great benefits of Dibond here.

dib 3

A full shopfront build in Dibond including main shopfront and pillar work

dib 4

Examples of general signage in Dibond

Can your next marketing campaign be big and impressive, colourful and inviting, informative and appetising? The answer is YES!

With our professionally designed internal and external WALL GRAPHICS, you can go as big as an entire wall or even cover the end of an entire building! When it comes to comes to wall covering graphics, our expertise meets all the requirements. It begins with effective, well executed designs, right through to selecting the right materials, and our experienced fitters know all the tricks in the book to overcome any challenges that an indoor or outdoor application can throw at them.

exterior wall graphic

Extra street frontage created with printed FALSE WINDOWS!

Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, retail environment, gym or any public building, the internal or external walls offer brands a compelling way to stand out. With the range of materials available, digitally printed wall graphics are priced to fit your budget. Wall graphics allow you to effectively capture the attention of your customers in an attractive and pleasing way. If your graphics are external, they will draw more customers in. Pleasant internal graphics will encourage them to stay, spend and come again.


You can almost hear the birds sing!

All business types can benefit greatly. A fast / casual restaurant business could benefit by using the walls to tell the story of their offerings as graphic art by designing wall graphic murals with scrumptious food imagery worked in, while leaving areas to display the menu. There are even digital wall coverings that allow the use of dry wipe markers. How’s that for versatility? We have designed wall art for several gyms displaying motivational images and slogans. We have adorned walls of restaurants, colleges and hotel lobbies with everything from colourful graphic designs to historic pictures of their hometowns. We have decorated boutiques with glossy images like those used in magazine advertising. The list of possibilities is endless! Digital graphic printing allows for easy customisation, making each wall covering graphic unique, while still unifying your brand message and colour schemes throughout the business.


Strictly for cat lovers

Hospitality venues, larger businesses, office buildings, colleges and hotels all have lobby areas, conference rooms and hallways. The wall space of all these areas have tremendous potential to impress, advertise and make for a more pleasant environment for both customers and staff alike.


Relaxation or motivation?

Wall coverings can be self adhesive vinyl applied or may come in the form of traditional wallpaper which requires paste for applying. A new wallpaper on the market  pre-pasted and just requires wetting for application. All come in a variety of textures.


Don’t fall in!


Vintage and aerial townscapes are always a popular choice

Have a look at YOUR premises. We can add a feature wall, create advertising, add ambience and bring life to areas that you never thought possible!

Maximum Impact… Increased Motivation!

The Fitness Centre wall graphics or murals in these pictures look impressive… but when you see them in reality, they are simply stunning!

When you stand back and see the scale and vibrancy of the images and colours, it’s easy to see why they totally transform any area from something bland to a powerhouse of motivation and enthusiasm! They create an atmosphere that will inspire your clients to stay longer, work out harder and achieve their goals.There’s an endless amount of options… from dramatic action images to designer colour schemes with motivational slogans. The graphics are fully laminated vinyl prints that will take all the rough and tumble of any gym environment, They’re professionally designed, expertly fitted and fully washable

Vinyl wall graphic

Vinyl wall graphic

Vinyl wall graphic

Vinyl wall graphic

Vinyl wall graphic

Vinyl wall graphic

Vinyl wall graphic

Vinyl wall graphic

Wall graphic, Dublin

Wall graphic, Dublin


Transform ANY space in ANY Business…
It’s easy to add additional dimension and appeal to any area of any business… hotel receptions, restaurant walls, public buildings, colleges… the list goes on! We source from image libraries with endless possibilities, our graphic designers will design solutions especially for you, or we can use your own material. Visit our website to see more2014-01-10 18.08.30

Wall graphic

Wall graphic

Large wall graphic at AIT

Large wall graphic at AIT

Large wall graphic

Large wall graphic

Wineport Lodge is set in a truly unique landscape on the shores of the inner lakes of Lough Ree just outside Athlone. We were delighted to be approached by owners Jane and Ray to produce their new sign at the main entrance from the road which was to be freestanding and elegant, and must reflect the essence of the building which is a stunning lakeshore structure finished in Cedar, nestling perfectly into the landscape. No pressure then!


Wineport lodge

We all agreed that the way to go was to use Cedarwood wherever possible and practical. Once the artwork was signed off it was time to place the pristine Cedarwood panels on the router to begin engraving the signs. Cedarwood is not easy to come by and it is quite expensive, so we were relieved when the engraving was completed, and delighted that it machined very cleanly.


One of the Cedarwood sign panels fresh off the router after engraving

While we were busy preparing all of the signage, the steel framework to support the signs and Cedar cladding was being made. Although the entire sign including it’s standing pole or mast was to be finished in Cedar, we decided to use an internal steel framework which would be then cladded in timber. This was purely for strength and durability. Now that the panels were engraved it was time to stain them to darken the pale timber.


The engraved signs getting the first staining.

When we were happy with the tone of the wood after a few rounds of staining, it was time to fill in the lettering and decoration in Gold. We cut a mask to make the job easier, but it would still take several coats!

Filling gold

Adding in the gold

Next was several light sandings followed by several coats of satin finish yacht varnish….. several! A sign of this quality is worth protecting well. Pictured below are the two finished panels waiting to be installed

Finished signs

Two finished engraved timber sign panels

The steel pole and framework was on site and in place, it was cladded in Cedarwood, concealing the steel upright, the cladding had received several…. several! coats of varnish, and now it was time to finish the installation. Below is the sign as it stands. Thanks to Jane and Ray for choosing Spectrum Signs. They are delighted with the result.  I know that getting this sign right meant a lot to them and their confidence in us is very much appreciated indeed.

feat large





What is a Vehicle Wrap?

It’s a process by which a vehicle is covered with adhesive vinyl either fully or partially. It is normally for advertising purposes with printed full colour graphics, but colour change wrapping is also becoming popular among car enthusiasts and there is a great range of specialist colours and finishes available. The wrap can be removed from the vehicle at any time  either to update the graphics or to sell the vehicle on.


Why choose a Vehicle Wrap?

It largely depends on your type of business and how heavily it depends on advertising. Sometimes the more discreet option is the best approach, but if you really want to create an impact and make your business stand out, wrapping is the answer. It is also very cost effective. Unlike newspaper and other forms of advertising, it is a one-off cost and it works for your business 24/7. It increases brand awareness and effectively gives you ‘shopfront’ presence wherever it travels. Our clients report significantly increased sales and enquiries from our vehicle advertising. It doesn’t have to be a full wrap…a half, or even partial wrap produces excellent results and is quite often the best option. There is always something to suit your budget. In short, if you run a business that operates a commercial vehicle, then you are already making  payments and tax and insurance. Wrap it and make it go the extra mile by significantly increasing your profits!

Why Choose Spectrum Signs?

Vehicle wrapping is a technical process using technical materials and we have perfected our craft to Award and Competition winning level. Our achievements in this field speak for themselves. The judges in these competitions are industry accredited professionals and instructors. Our wrap fitters attend refresher training courses to keep up to date with the latest materials and techniques. We take immense pride in our work and give excellent results for the best possible price.

*Irish Print Awards: Winners of the Commercial     Vehicle Wraps category
*All Ireland Vehicle Wrap Championships: Winners in both 2014 and 2015.
*FESPA World Wrap Masters Final, Munich and Cologne, Germany: Bronze and finalist 2014 and 2015

We have just completed a project with Athlone Regional Sports Centre, with some very big and very dramatic full colour wall and window graphics

We began receiving our brief several weeks ago, so that we could begin processing what was to become a very long print run on a selection of materials such as vinyls and window frosting. Our team worked hard to fit all the graphics while extensive refurbishment and development works were under way at the Centre.


The Wall Graphics and Wall Art make a huge impact. They are big and colourful, and they are designed both to decorate and stimulate.

They have a matt finish to reduce glare and reflection from the internal lighting, and are laminated and therefore fully washable. Motivational slogans add another important dimension, urging everyone to go that extra mile!


Wall Graphics also add a vibrant air of activity to the reception foyer, and also serve the purpose of pointing you in the right direction!


Motivational images adorn the walls of the first floor landing as you arrive for your workout, putting you in the right frame of mind!


This great artwork is printed onto Window Frosting or Etch, and the daylight oustide transforms it into a fabulous illuminated display


Athlone Regional Sports Centre is a truly magnificent facility that serves the entire broad Midlands area. If you’re on the market to start a keep fit campaign, this is the place to go. If not, you might find that a visit just to look around might inspire you to start!

The crew at Spectrum Signs would like to thank Liam and Ger for this great opportunity. It was a pleasure to work on. We wish you continued fitness and success!





A well designed wall graphic,  feature wall or wall art can completely transform an otherwise plain, unused wall or dead space in your shop, restaurant, hotel or workplace into a colourful and vibrant work of art!

Grab the attention of your customers and visitors, advertise your product or service, or create a focal point with a real WOW factor!

Our fantastic wall art designs instantly make your space more inviting for customers, enticing them to stay longer and call back more often.

We can show you literally thousands of design ideas, or work with you to transform your own ideas and colours into stunning reality!



Spectrum Signs… a multi award winning sign company

It really has been a whirlwind year for winning awards… first was our win at the Irish Print Awards in the Commercial Vehicle Wraps category, then we were crowned All Ireland Champions at the All Ireland Vehicle Wrap Championships, then we took home the Bronze on the world stage in Munich at the FESPA World Wrap Masters Final. Well done to our own Rob Davidson, that was a fantastic achievement because his competitors, like Rob,  were truly world class at their craft, having completed thousands of vehicle wraps between them.

The FESPA event was also host to the European Sign Trade Expo, which was a massive affair, with all of the latest technology, components and ideas on display. Even though we were there for four days, it was barely enough time to take it all in! So watch out for some great new innovations coming soon at Spectrum Signs!

Here are some shots showing the winners cracking the Champers, and also some fantastic vehicle wraps at the show, including a camouflaged Porsche and a leather Mini!





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