Beautiful Engraved Cedarwood Sign at Wineport Lodge

Wineport Lodge is set in a truly unique landscape on the shores of the inner lakes of Lough Ree just outside Athlone. We were delighted to be approached by owners Jane and Ray to produce their new sign at the main entrance from the road which was to be freestanding and elegant, and must reflect the essence of the building which is a stunning lakeshore structure finished in Cedar, nestling perfectly into the landscape. No pressure then!

Wineport lodge

We all agreed that the way to go was to use Cedarwood wherever possible and practical. Once the artwork was signed off it was time to place the pristine Cedarwood panels on the router to begin engraving the signs. Cedarwood is not easy to come by and it is quite expensive, so we were relieved when the engraving was completed, and delighted that it machined very cleanly.

One of the Cedarwood sign panels fresh off the router after engraving

While we were busy preparing all of the signage, the steel framework to support the signs and Cedar cladding was being made. Although the entire sign including it’s standing pole or mast was to be finished in Cedar, we decided to use an internal steel framework which would be then cladded in timber. This was purely for strength and durability. Now that the panels were engraved it was time to stain them to darken the pale timber.

The engraved signs getting the first staining.

When we were happy with the tone of the wood after a few rounds of staining, it was time to fill in the lettering and decoration in Gold. We cut a mask to make the job easier, but it would still take several coats!

Adding in the gold

Next was several light sandings followed by several coats of satin finish yacht varnish….. several! A sign of this quality is worth protecting well. Pictured below are the two finished panels waiting to be installed

Two finished engraved timber sign panels

The steel pole and framework was on site and in place, it was cladded in Cedarwood, concealing the steel upright, the cladding had received several…. several! coats of varnish, and now it was time to finish the installation. Below is the sign as it stands. Thanks to Jane and Ray for choosing Spectrum Signs. They are delighted with the result.  I know that getting this sign right meant a lot to them and their confidence in us is very much appreciated indeed.

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