All you need to know about Vehicle Graphics and Van Wraps

Extra revenue from your van, truck or car with quality vehicle graphics and branding

Vehicle graphics are like a moving billboard, with the huge benefit of a one off cost. You’re already paying for the insurance, road tax, maintenance and fuel, so it makes perfect sense to make your vehicles pay for themselves by contributing to your turnover with the most cost effective advertising that money can buy! Simply put, vehicle graphics is like having a sales team working for your business, 24/7!

With well designed vehicle graphics, your van, car, truck, bus or trailer will attract a lot of new customers, and generate huge awareness of your brand or service. But do remember, that well designed, striking graphics is the key. Your brand and details must be visually pleasing, with a nice balance between branding, colour, placement and text.

When considering vehicle graphics, it is highly recommended to work with a professional graphic designer with experience in designing graphics specifically for vehicles, because there are so many things to consider such as body contours windows and trim.

At Spectrum Signs, we have highly experienced designers and fitters. In fact, we are award winning! We won the title for the commercial vehicle wraps category at the Irish Print Awards, followed by winning the title of All Ireland Champions at the All Ireland Vehicle Wrap Championships. This led us to represent Ireland at the World Wrap Masters Final in Munich, Germany, where we took home Bronze.

Awards won for vehicle graphics, van graphics, and van wrapping

What’s more, if you do not have any existing logo or branding you would like to use, we design it for you. Then you can go on to use this on your business cards and flyers, or any other promotional material

What kind of Vehicle Graphics should I choose?

The short answer is that there is something to suit every budget that will do the job really well. Here are the different options explained, with some images of examples.

Full colour vehicle wraps: Vinyl vehicle wraps cover the full painted surface of your vehicle with a high performance, weather resistant, vinyl covering that has your advertising printed on it. As a bonus, the car wrap, van wrap, or truck wrap doubles as an outer layer of protection for your vehicle. It is easy to remove if you are selling the vehicle using a little heat. Vinyl wraps are fully laminated to protect them from sun bleaching and general wear and tear. A full vinyl wrap will also leave a vehicle with “tired” bodywork looking brand new! A full colour wrap has huge impact, and its job is to shout out your brand loud and clear, impressing all those potential customers who see it.

Full colour van wraps

Examples of Full Colour Van Wraps, total Vehicle graphics

Half and partial vehicle wraps: Half and partial vehicle wraps are a way to use both the effectiveness of a custom design, with the head turning capabilities of an image or splash of full colour, supported with the simplicity of vinyl cut letters and the convenience of a smaller payment. A half van wrap can be equally as effective as a full wrap depending on your branding and the effectiveness of the overall design.

half and partial wrap

Examples of half and partial vehicle graphics

Vehicle window graphics or contravision can be used in conjunction with either a full or partial wrap, and can range from standard white vinyl letters, to perforated vinyl with imaging. Perforated vinyl is a way to create an attractive custom design with full colour printed material, applied to any window of the vehicle. Perforated vinyl is a very attractive form of vehicle branding. With perforated vinyl, you can actually see out of the window as if there was nothing there, and on the outside your design is visible in all it’s glory!

Cartridge World

Ford Focus car with Contravision or perforated window graphics

Vinyl Vehicle graphics: Standard vinyl graphics do not involve the printing process and therefore no images or full colour. However, fantastic results can still be achieved through clever design and the fact that these vinyls come in hundreds of “off the shelf”colours. Flatter areas of the vehicle can still be wrapped to achieve blocks of colour, with lettering or logos placed on top, in fact, vinyl lettering can very often be the best option for businesses with a more formal identity.


Examples of vinyl van graphics

Regardless of what option you choose, it’s important to remember about the secondary information within your vehicle branding. It’s great that you have a new, striking logo proudly displayed, but you also need to let the hundreds of the potential customers who are now noticing you, how to contact you, and where you are. Placement of your phone number, address and website are hugely important.

Designing your vehicle branding: Firstly, we talk over what you want to achieve, and the best sort of graphics to achieve this. We take a full brief and allocate one of our highly experienced graphic designers to your job, then you’ll receive a first draft of design work by mail and give us your feedback. We keep revising and tweaking the design until it is exactly what you want, and we’ll keep you advised in best practice all the way.

Our philosophy on design is simple. We have a responsibility to our clients to produce designs that will result in extra revenue, visitors, membership, or whatever the design is meant to achieve. We do not consider a design to be finished until we are certain it will produce results, and our client is completely satisfied.

Here’s what’s important to display in your vehicle branding…

*Your logo or brand, so that people will make a visual association with your business,     and recognise your brand wherever else it pops up.

* Your phone number and address. The fastest way to get a return on your investment is to receive a phone call or for people to call to your shop etc.

* Your website

*Your list of product or services, as briefly as possible. Less is more with vehicle advertising!

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