4 great ways to Maximise Your Current Storefront

Looking to refresh your storefront and attract potential customers? Here are four cost-effective, quick solutions to help you do just that and all are offered by Spectrum Signs to ensure your shopfront makes a lasting impression: 

Window Graphics: Window graphics serve as dynamic tools to enhance your storefront. Whether it’s bold “sale” statements or eye-catching borders in vivid colours, window graphics instantly draw attention. Additionally, our etch or frosted effects provide a touch of elegance, perfect for both traditional and contemporary designs. 

Banners: For cost-effective promotions, banners are unparalleled. Whether indoors or outdoors, hemmed for durability, or double-sided for maximum exposure, banners are versatile advertising solutions. At Spectrum Signs, we offer customisable banners of any size, along with fast turnaround times. 

Projecting Banners: Designed for easy changes, projecting banners offer flexibility in your advertising strategy. Their adaptability allows for swift updates to match your evolving promotions, ensuring your storefront remains fresh and engaging. 

Posters: Affordable yet impactful, posters are indispensable for raising awareness of special offers or sales. Placed strategically in your store windows or throughout the store, posters deliver a clear message to entice passersby and highlight the value of your offerings. We provide poster design and printing services in various sizes, accompanied by a range of display options to suit your needs. We also stock all types of snap frame, acrylic holder or display case to display your posters. 

With Spectrum Signs, you can maximise the potential of your storefront with these essential products. From eye-catching window graphics to versatile banners and attention-grabbing posters, we’ve got you covered.. 

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