New Window Tinting Service

Due to ongoing queries for window tinting especially for cars, we have decided to begin providing this service for our customers.

Primarily, the biggest benefit for most of our customers in having their car windows tinted is the cool factor…. It looks great, and really enhances the kerbside appearance of any vehicle.  For those in the motor trade, this helps the salesperson to achieve their asking price because of the vehicle’s encanced appeal! There are however, other significant benefits to window tinting.


Privacy and security: Tinted windows provide a good degree of privacy, both for the occupants and any personal belongings that me be left on the passengers or back seat, making any unwelcome attention a little less likely.

UV Protection: Tinted windows very significantly reduce the harmful effects of ultra viloet radiation and therefore protects your skin and also the interior of the car from sun bleaching.

Shatter protection: Because car window tinting involves fitting a translucent film over the glass, it has the effect of holding shattered glass together if involved in a collission.

Cooler environment: Tinted windows have the effect of keeping the car interior a little cooler, meaning you can use the AC less frequently and save a little fuel as well!

Less glare: Window tinting reduces glare from the sun, improving your driving conditions.


Commercial Window Tinting Applications

Window tinting also offers many other solutions in the workplace and home as the films can be applied to all sorts of glass in all sorts of situations. For example, we recently tinted the front window of a cafe because customers sitting near the window were finding the glare uncomfortable on bright days. Another clients requirement was to reduce the amount of strong light into a controlled environment in a pharmaceutical company.