All you need to know about vehicle branding, wrapping and graphics

Vehicle branding is the most cost effective advertising that money can buy. It ensures that your brand is constantly on show… working all day every day increasing brand awareness and generating sales even on your day off. At Spectrum Signs, our team of  highly skilled graphic designers and experienced fitters work on vehicle graphics that are striking, elegant, formal or flamboyant… whatever is a good fit for your business model. Read on to see which option fits YOUR business and budget.

Full Printed Vinyl Wrap: This option covers all of the painted surface of the vehicle even including the roof if desired. The result is a very high impact rolling advertisement for your business that will grab attention wherever it travels. Because all of the vehicle is covered, your branding can be embellished with a striking background or your company colours can be used to maximum effect throughout the wrap. Full vinyl wraps are very popular with businesses that rely on maximum visual impact in their advertising such as food & drink companies, florists, garden centres and many more business types that want to create a buzz about their products or services.

An additional and often overlooked benefit of full  vehicle vinyl wrapping is that the wrap fully preserves the original paint underneath. When it’s time to upgrade the vehicle and the vinyl is stripped off, the paintwork will be the same as the day the vinyl wrap was applied. This ensures that you get the best possible price when it come to either selling or trading in and this can be of particular benefit to fleet owners or those who have lease or PCP arrangements.

Half Vinyl Wraps: As the name suggests, we design vinyl van wraps that cover half of a vehicle whether it is the top, bottom, front or back half. This option is suitable if a full vinyl advertising wrap isn’t necessary, but it’s also an ideal compromise if your budget won’t stretch to a full wrap because the results can be equally as striking. It’s also the ideal solution for clients with older vehicles that intend to upgrade, but most often, clients choose this option because it is the best option, when it is simply the best solution for their requirements. Typically, the unwrapped portion of the vehicle will have vinyl applied graphics for additional information and contact details.

Partial Vinyl Wraps: This option frequently involves wrapping the long body indentation that features on most larger vans, or it could be where the back doors are wrapped, and sometimes it may be the side doors or bonnet. The wrap is often supported with additional vinyl applied graphics elsewhere on the body. It’s a good solution where a there is a need to display product imagery or just to add a splash of colour. Also, partial vinyl van wrapping is suitable for business types theat require a more ‘subdued’ type of advertising.

Vinyl Applied Graphics: Elegant, tactile, clean and sophisticated are some of the words used by clients describing their needs for a vinyl applied vehicle graphics job. This is very frequently the preferred choice for clients who need a more formal approach. We design graphics that are clean and appealing and the results are outstanding when well designed. Company colours can be used in a versatile way throughout the design. This is the cheapest option available to our customers because it doesn’t require any printing or lamination as stock colours are used for this technique. There are many colour options and combinations to choose from. Being the cheapest option also makes it the only option for clients managing tight budgets, but regardless of cost, our designs will always deliver.

Design and Application of your Vehicle Graphics: Regardless of which option you decide on, one of our graphic design team will be assigned to your job, taking ownership and responsibility for it from beginning to end. Each member of our graphic design team are long serving with Spectrum Signs sharing a combined experience of 45 years in the vehicle graphics and signage industry! Clients are always kept involved and informed until the final design is entirely to their satisfaction. Advice and guidance from our experienced team is always on hand throughout the design phase of every project. Once your artwork is approved it is then sent to print. Our wide format printers are the latest and best in the industry ensuring excellent print quality, colour vibrancy and very sharp images. While your job is being printed and laminated, your van is being prepared by our team of expert fitters, cleaning, preparing and stripping body trim. At Spectrum Signs we remove all body trim so that the vinyl will be under the trim rather than applied just against it. Our vinyl wrap fitters are also long standing staff members, second to none in their field who have had formal training and the benefit of their vast experience cannot be matched. They have represented the company in prestigous competitions and awards both at home and on the world stage.

Irish Print Awards: WINNER of the Commercial Vehicle Graphics category, (judged on design and application)……. All Ireland Vehicle Wrapping Championships: WINNERS 2014 (leading to compete at FESPA, Munich, Germany)…….All Ireland Vehicle Wrapping Championships: WINNERS 2015 (leading to compete at FESPA, Cologne, Germany)……..World Wrap Masters Final (World Championships) at FESPA, Munich, Germany, BRONZE…….World Wrap Masters Final (World Championships) at FESPA, Cologne, Germany, FINALIST.No other Signage & Vehicle graphics company can match the level of success that Spectrum signs has achieved in our field. These competitions and awards are the most prestigious in the print, signage and vehicle graphics industry. Seperately, Spectrum Signs was a finalist in the Irish SME Business Awards 2018.

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